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Limited Wish

by Mark Lawrence

Limited Wish by Mark  Lawrence

Excellent follow-up to One Word Kill. You should definitely read that first, although if you’ve forgotten a couple of points from it, Mark Lawrence is good enough to put a very brief summary at the start.

This book picks up the action and carries it forwards with great conviction and style. The characters continue to evolve, and they are just as charming, annoying, or threatening as in the first book. As before, one of the main “characters” is the cancer of the main protagonist:

‘The cancer?’ She came right out with it. Most people hesitate when they say the C-word, just a little, as if they still need to convince themselves you don’t get it just by saying it out loud. Like it was one of those demon lords in D&D that are summoned by name. Say Demogorgon too many times and he was pretty much bound to show up, but cancer . . . not so much.

The science is also very thorough, although since we are talking about time travel, it’s not entirely possible to produce all the convincing details! But it’s well done, and includes several interesting points, such as moving things in time – even just by microseconds – causes them to apparently move in space relative to the Earth, as the planet has moved at least some distance through it’s orbit in that time.

I won’t give away any plot – you’ll have to read it! Now I’m looking forward to #3 in the series…

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