Blood Bound

Mercy Thompson book #2

by Patricia Briggs

Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs

Another excellent showing here, with Mercy Thompson getting caught up with the local vampire seethe, whilst trying not to get her friendly neighbourhood werewolves too entangled in the resulting mess. The tone was sometimes much darker than the first of the Mercy Thompson books, as getting involved with the vampires seemed to involve getting a whole lot of blood over many things. If you don’t like your urban fantasy too gritty, this might be a problem, but I felt it was all in keeping with the plot, and none of it was gratuitous or merely put in to shock.

Four stars this time instead of five, as I was a little alarmed with the way an increasing number of the other main characters seem to be falling romantically for Mercy herself. I also wasn’t totally convinced by Mercy’s motivations to go out hunting alone again in the final 30 or so pages of the book. Still, very enjoyable, and I’ll be reading more!

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