Book review

Norse Mythology

by Neil Gaiman


I read this shortly after being very disappointed with Stephen Fry’s “Mythos”. Well this, I found, is an entirely better kettle of Viking fish. Great storytelling from Neil Gaiman, both in the stories I knew and in the many that I didn’t. Gaiman’s stories just seem to flow so much better that Stephen Fry ever did for me, and Gaiman has a masterful ability to create a picture in your mind of a god’s temper tantrum or a battle in just a few words.

One thing that’s interesting for me having read the Greek-y myths shortly before the Norse ones is the parallels between many of them – similar scenes, storylines and archetypes appearing in different cultures separated by thousands of miles. But you don’t need to read Mythos first (in fact, I can’t recommend that you do), as you will likely be familiar with the story archetypes in many forms – up to, and including, Disney movies!

Four and half stars, rounded up to five in the hope he writes another one.

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