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The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know by Mike Carey
Read date: Jan 2019

Entertaining writing and interesting characters, all set in an alternate modern-day London where ghosts and ghouls started appearing to everyday folks in the 1990s, and society is still making adjustments to this new reality.

The hero, Felix Castor, a self-employed exorcist, is suitably flawed – very much in the vein of gumshoe private eyes of old. His slow change of approach towards his job throughout the book was a neat story arc, with him thinking more about ghosts and what the really are, and the implications for his job as he’s been doing it.

Meantime, Pen, his landlady-slash-support has a great backstory, hinted at rather than thrown open, so I’m sure we’ll see more of that in the future. And the appearance at the end of a new apprentice for Felix was a great setup for the next in the series.

The writing throughout was strong, with enough intelligent asides and references to make it a definite step above some others in the genre. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and will look out for others in the series, so a good four-star book for me.

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