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The Wrong Stars

The Wrong Stars (Axiom, #1)
Read date: Nov 2018

The Wrong Stars by Tim Pratt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The slightly sketchy crew of a marginally run-down spacecraft find the floating wreckage of a 500-year old vessel, floating in trans-Neptunian space. It seems to be one of the Goldilocks ships, sent out from Old Earth to likely-looking planetary systems at sub-light speeds, to found new colonies as Old Earth crumbled behind them. Upon further investigation, the ship appears to contain some strange alien technology – as well as one remaining crew member, frozen in suspended animation for 500 years. So, they take on board the tech and the frozen crew member, and investigate both…. what could possibly go wrong??

I loved the style of writing from Tim Pratt – funny and interesting characters, imaginatively conceived, and a neat space-opera setting. Best for me was the witty dialogue between the characters. Hugely entertaining! I’d not come across his writing before, but I will definitely be hunting out more in the near future.

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